Top Fashion Books

Doing research on fashions and fashion trends involves much more than just reading a few blog posts or magazines on the subject. Typically, you can find a huge variety of excellent books on the subject of men’s clothing fashions by searching In fact, you will find 13,218 results for “men’s fashion.”

Though we are bespoke tailors and not literary critics we are well read in our field. We are listing the following fashion books as the top 5 sellers and we feel that they are must-reads for the novice who wants to learn more about the men’s fashion.

1) Details Men’s Style Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You by Daniel Peres – this is one of the most sophisticated guides for creating the ideal men’s wardrobe. The publication offers you advice on dressing from head-to-toe, especially when it comes to choosing the proper fit, a classic look, and the latest style. No “dress-up” situation is left untouched whether it’s the big boardroom meeting or a casual weekend evening out dancing and dining. This is a must-read for those men who want to catch up on the fashion industry and afford themselves a better look.

2) The Men’s Fashion Reader by Peter McNeil and Vicki Karaminas – the book covers the culture, history, and identity of men’s fashions as well as providing need-to-know information on methods of approaching the issue, research and development of different style trends, and related case studies. Other themes such as fashion history, the media, subcultures, and fashion theories are also covered. Additionally, every section concludes in annotated fashion with recommendations on further related reading.

3) Men’s Style: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress by Russell Smith – this witty yet informative guide to men’s fashions provides excellent illustrations and suggestions regarding male attire. Topics such as purchasing dress watches, selecting tweed garments, and tucking in your shirt are covered in this excellent fashion guide. This is the consummate guide for elegant men as well as the ultimate cultural survey of men’s fashion trends.

4) Men’s Fashion Illustrations from the Turn of the Century (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Jon. J. Mitchell Co. and Jean L. Druesedow – a little bit of history regarding clothing styles of the early 1900′s. The book also discusses accessories such as canes, gloves, spats. Whether it’s checked and striped business suits, elegant formal wear, fur-trimmed trench coats, or sporty jackets and knickers, you’re apt to find content about it in this book.

5) Men’s Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook by John Peacock – fashion styles and trends are documented by this former BBC designer. If you consider yourself to be somewhat fashion-challenged, this is the book for you. Everything in the way of men’s clothing styles and fashion trends from the French Revolution to the present day are detailed in this book. Descriptive content, illustrations, and pictures are used to as well in this historical documentary.

Woman’s Accessories Make You Look Fashionably Chic

Today’s modern woman is an independent model of beauty and practicality with the ever remaining touch of femininity and sophistication. She has learned the art of making her appearance chic and attractive even in the most practical of attires that you can imagine with the right kind of attire and ad-on for herself.

I came across a girl who probably was a student and a sports fan as she was at a football stadium. Her attire was a reflection of her being a practical and yet a feminine touch existed. Her personality was very enchanting and made me concentrate on finding out the reason what made her look feminine while dressed in jeans and a shirt. I realized that what she wore woman’s accessories that gave her the touch of a lady within her personality. Her scarf around her shoulders had a straw hat on her head and a very prominent pendant in a chain around her neck made her look sweet and girlish.

What I think is that little things make a lot of difference in life and personality. I am personally a big fan of accessories for woman. These really make them look like one because clothing trends have changed drastically which warrants very little difference in men and woman’s accessories and clothing, it is how a lady carries around her accessories and ornaments that really makes the difference in their personality.

There always time to be professional and practical in life and fun loving and happy go lucky at others, but one thing is always a constant and that is your looks. If you are conscious about your appearance then you should choose the right stuff for yourself and choosing the right accessories is the most important thing in a woman’s life to appear fashionable and chic.